Tile View


This is the Tile View window where tiles are added and manipulated. It is also where the overview is displayed and where users will navigate the sample. Additional information on the tile system can be found on the Tile Manager page






Displays the number of pinned Overview Tiles and configured Scan Tiles. Also shows the current status of tile scanning.



Toggles on or off the live tile displayed which renders the incoming frames of the selected channel as a Tile object in the Tile View space. This will show up as a blue tile centered at the current motor positions. You can right click on the Tile View space and select “Jump View To Current Position” to quickly move the view to the Live Tile location.


In order for the tile to display with the correct size and position the user will need to run the motor alignment procedure in order to obtain an accurate pixel to micron relation


Selects which imaging channels are currently displayed in the Live Tile, as well as sets their color and alpha level for a merged effect of multiple channels.



Selects which channels currently pinned Overview Tiles will display, as well as their color and alpha level for a merged effect of multiple channels.


Overview tiles must be showing. Tiles that lack image data for the specificied channel will be blank.


Save: Saves Overview Tile data to a specially named .mat file.

Load: Loads saved Tile data and adds those Tiles to the Overview.

Clear: Removes all Overview Tile objects.


Toggles whether pinned Overview Tiles are visible or hidden.



Activates one of a selection of tools used to draw scan tiles in the view. See the Scan Tile Tools page for more details. Correctly added tools will auto populate this panel which will become scrollable.


Selects which channels to display in the Scan Tiles, also Controls the color and alpha level for a merged image effect. If the selected channel is not enabled for imaging the scan tiles will not render an image for that channel.


Save: Saves all Scan Tiles to a specially named .mat file. Tiles will only contain location and dimension data, any image data that has not been converted and pinned as an Overview Tile will be lost.

Load: Loads Scan Tiles data from a .mat file. Scan Tiles load in the with the correct location and dimension data but with blank image data. This is useful to repeating tiled or mosaic scans from day to day or in different patterns.

Clear: Clears all Scan Tiles from the view.


Toggles the display of Scan Tiles in the view.


Converts all Scan Tiles with filled image data to Overview Tiles and pins them to the view.



Start: Starts the scanning of Scan Tiles in the view.

Stop: Stops the scanning of scan tiles.


Designates the number of frames to be imaged at each scanned tile.


This uses mROI mode to scan tiles according to their geometry.


Determines whether to use the FastZ devices to traverse tiles in Z or whether to simply step the stage Z axis.


Sets the tile sorting function used to determine the order in which Scan Tiles are scanned. Custom functions can be written by the user.



Allows the user to traverse the imaging area in Z. Displays the Z location of existing tiles. The chevron indicates the current position in Z of the display.


Sets the current overview Z position discretely. This value is in microns.


Toggles whether changes to current imaging Z plane in Motors or FastZ automatically updates the displayed Z plane. When enabled the Z plane will automatically track the current Z plane being imaged. Otherwise manual movement is required.



Displays size and position of current Live Tile. Used for understanding exact size of current FOV.


Control window for moving to and removing saved overview positions.