Generic Monitor SLM

Hardware Configuration

A generic monitor SLM is connected to the PC either by a HDMI, DVI, or Displayport cable, and registers in the operating system as a monitor.

If using the HDMI controller, then follow the instructions provided for a Generic Monitor SLM

Software Configuration

In ScanImage, open the Resource configuration window from the startup dialog or from the Main Controls window under File>Configuration.

  1. From the Resource Configuration window, click the “+” button. Select SLM from the sidebar, and select Meadowlark SLM 1920x1152. Give it a name and continue.

  2. A window like shown to the right should appear. Below is a description of each of the configuration parameters


Monitor ID

The identification number for the SLM

Max Refresh Rate [Hz]

The rate at which the SLM can transition between frames

Pixel Resolution for X and Y

The number of pixels making up the SLM reflective array

Pixel Pitch [um] for X and Y

The distance between pixels in each dimension.

This is the array size for a dimension divided by the pixel resolution in that dimension.

See SLM Scan System for the next steps on incorporating the newly configured SLM device into an imaging system.