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ScanImage® has been previously developed at Cold Spring Harbor LaboratoryNorthwestern University , and Janelia Research Campus, with NIH grant support to Gordon Shepherd and Karel Svoboda.

Under Vidrio Technologies, ScanImage was developed as both an open-source research resource and as premium software available for sale. In 2019, the NIH grant funding ScanImage support expired and had not been renewed, so the last free version of ScanImage (5.7R1) was published and a new basic version was added to cover cost of support. As of 2021, ScanImage® is developed and supported by MBF Bioscience, LLC .

ScanImage® is used by over 200 laboratories throughout the world and has been essential to the work described in over 900 publications to date.

Be counted!

If your lab actively uses ScanImage, please let us know about any publications using these tools (if not yet on our list)

License and Citations

ScanImage is available in three versions:

ScanImage Free

ScanImage Basic

ScanImage Premium






Advanced features

For an overview of the differences ScanImage versions visit vidriotech.com.

In addition, it is required that those who publish work using ScanImage® cite Pologruto et al.

Optionally, users should also contact us with news of their publications!

*ScanImage® Free was funded by a NIH R24 grant from 2014 to 2018. You can download ScanImage® Free below. However, until further funding is secured, Vidrio is no longer able to develop, maintain and support ScanImage® Free. ScanImage® Free is provided ‘as-is’ under the Apache 2.0 license.