Linear Scanning NI DAQ Configuration


For new installations, Vidrio recommends the use of vDAQ. vDAQ is a powerful all-in-one microscope controller with a stream lined user experience, that supports a wider feature set than traditional NI hardware.

ScanImage’s Linear Scanning module supports a wide variety of different NI hardware (mostly X-series DAQs. This page lists a recommendation for common use cases. If your specific use case is not covered, please contact support.

Linear scanning is also supported in DAQ configurations suitable for Resonant Scanning.

SI 3.8 upgrade

NI Hardware


NI PCIe-6110

  • AI0-3: 4 PMT channels (12-bit, 5MHz, simultanously sampled)

  • AO0: X-Galvo

  • AO1: Y-Galvo

NI PCIe-6321

  • AO0: Beam Modulator (optional)

  • AO1: Beam Modulator OR FastZ actuator (both optional)

NI RTSI cable

  • Ribbon cable that connects DAQ boards in PC for synchronization

  • NI part number 777562-05



To acquire more than one PMT channel, a ‘simultaneously sampled’ NI DAQ is required. Simultaneously sampled DAQs feature one dedicated Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) per analog input channel. In contrast, multiplexed DAQ boards only have one single ADC for all analog input channel. A multiplexer quickly switches each analog input to the ADC when sampling. This leads to a reduced sampling rate and artifacts such as channel cross-talk. For this reason, ScanImage limits multiplexed DAQ boards to one PMT channel only.

Learn more about Multiplexed versus Simultanous Sampling on the NI documentation page.

Supported Configurations Below is a list of wiring diagrams sorted by configuration

Linear Scanning Systems

GG Scanner, Shutter, and Fast Focus


GG Scanner, Pockels, Shutter, and Fast Focus


Thorlabs Microscope Systems

RG Scanner, Pockels, Shutter, and Fast Focus


GG Scanner, Pockels, Shutter, and Fast Focus


RG Imaging, GG Photostim, Separate Pockels, Shutter, Fast Focus