ScanImage software is programmed with safety in mind, however software can fail in unpredictable ways. Whenever working on a microscope, ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place.

  • Even a correctly aligned laser can produce stray light when interacting with optical elements such as lenses, diffractive elements or reflective surfaces. Ensure that the laser light path is fully enclosed.

  • Ensure to wear safety laser glasses when working with a laser. Ensure that the laser safety glasses are appropriate for the laser used (damage threshold and wavelength).

  • Ensure no combustible material is exposed to the laser

  • Ensure that you are not wearing reflective jewelery (rings, watches, etc.) when interacting with a laser.

  • Use interlocks on the laser. When a light barrier is opened, the laser should automatically turn off.

  • Implement safeguards to prevent 3rd parties from entering a room with an active laser.