Data Scope


Data Scope Window


See Data Scope Concepts for more information.




Start / Abort the data scope


Selects the analog input channel to acquire


Selects the acquisition trigger for the data scope.


Triggering is only available for ResScan

Slice Number

If trigger is ‘frame’ OR ‘line’, select the slice number to trigger off.

Line Number

If trigger is Line, select the line number to trigger off.

Show Power Spectrum

Shows / Hides the Power spectrum

Power Unit

Selects the power reference for the decibel calculation

Trigger Display

Selects multiple triggers to display in the data scope


  • When trigger is set to ‘Line’, hover with the mouse pointer in the Channel live view window to highlight a pixel in the datascope.

  • To change scale of the time axes, use the mouse wheel and drag the axes with the mouse.

  • To see lower frequencies in the power spectrum, zoom out of the time axes to acquire longer. (I.e. to see 60Hz noise, acquire 1s or longer)