Status Window


Shutter Indicators

Show the current status for each shutter.




Shutter Open


Shutter Closed


Clicking on the shutter indicator toggles the shutter.


The ScanImage® status window shows the command signal sent to the shutter. The shutter does not necessarily obey the command signal as expected. Use the appropriate laser safety measures when operating the microscope.

Beam Power Indicators

Shows the maximum output power percentage for each beam modulation device.

Status Indicator / AbortButton

Shows the current ScanImage® acquisition status. Icon Clicking this button at any time aborts the current acquisition, closes all shutters and sets all beam powers to zero.

Stay on top

Keep the status window on top of other windows.

Command Window Prompt

Enter a matlab command and hit enter to execute the command.

Command Window Output

Mirrors the Matlab command window. Double click in the command window output to open the matlab command window.


Clear the Matlab command window.


The status window automatically hides the command output if the window is unselected. Use the < button to keep the command output open.


The Status Window automatically hides the command window ouput when the window is not selected. Use the < button to pin the command window open and use the Stay on top checkbox to keep the status window on top of other windows.