Downloading ScanImage®

SI2021 and older can be downloaded at our legacy download website. You will need to create a legacy account using an email address registered with us in order to download the software.

SI2022 and later can be found at our newly integrated download center page. You will need to contact your lab head or equivalent as we will provide the necessary account credentials to them.


ScanImage® versions SI2020 and later require a license key. Please see the Licensing page for more information.

Citing ScanImage®

Labs publishing works which use ScanImage® should cite Pologruto et al.

Optionally, you can contact us with news of your publication!

Software Level

ScanImage® is split into two broad feature levels: Basic and Premium.

  • ScanImage® Basic provides all the tools and device support you will need for volumetric or planar imaging.

  • ScanImage® Premium includes all of Basic’s features as well as state-of-the-art hardware support and other features necessary for more advanced use cases.

For more details, see the Basic Features page for Basic features, the Premium Features page for Premium features, and this comparison webpage on our legacy website.

Both levels of ScanImage® include 12 months of technical support with renewals available after the 12 month period. Purchasing this support also grants permanent download accesses to all versions of ScanImage® released up to the end of the purchase year. This download access never expires (though the technical support does). Renewing technical support will allow for updating download access to the renewal year.

Free ScanImage®?

Existing SI free users can continue to use free ScanImage® versions, but there will be no more annual updated releases of free ScanImage® and support will no longer be provided without a license. SI 5.7 R1 is the last release of free ScanImage. You can download all free ScanImage® versions at our legacy website.

Existing support contracts established prior to the transition to the license model will be honored.