SLM controls


SLM Controls panel

SLM Controls

Focal length

The equivalent focal length of the imaging system in millimeter


The wavelength of the excitation laser in nanometer

Park Position (x,y,z)

The park position of the SLM - the position where all power is directed when the SLM is inactive.

Static Offset (x,y,z)

A static offset applied to the SLM coordinates. This can be used to compensate for an SLM, whose focal plane is different than the imaging plane.

Park SLM

Park the SLM beam at the position defined in ‘Park Position’.

Show Phase Mask

Opens a window that shows the pixel values of the SLM

Calibrate LUT

Calibrate the SLM phase to pixel value look up table for the current wavelength

Show LUT

Show the SLM look up table used for the current wavelength

Load LUT

Load a look up table for the current wavelength.