Startup Configuration


Startup Configuration Window


The Startup Configuration panel is the first window that you see when launching ScanImage. It allows you to register your license as well as select a machine data file and a user settings file for startup. The following details the options:

  • Login: If your machine is connected to the internet, you can use your login to license your ScanImage® software

  • Open License File: If your machine is not connected to the internet, you can load a license file previously downloaded from and brought over via thumb drive.

  • Machine Data File: The machine data file contains configuration information for the microscope hardware. It must be setup before you can run ScanImage. The machine data file typically only needs to be changed if you add, remove, or change something about the microscope hardware. See the machine configuration concept guide for more information.

  • User Settings File: The user file is optional and specifies window layout options for the interface, among other things. Typically each user of the microscope will have one or more user files. If left blank, the default layout will be used. See the usr/cfg file concept guide for more information.