Beam Modulators

Beam modulators are able to control laser intensity at high speeds to adjust illumination. Beam blanking is used for intervals where no data is collected (mirror turnarounds) to avoid overexposure of the sample. Beam modulation in ScanImage® is elaborated upon in the concepts section: Beams.

ScanImage® can control beam modulators via an analog control signal. The voltage of the control signal determines the beam power. Optionally a beam power feedback output can be used for calibration.

ScanImage Driver



Fast Beam Modulator

General purpose driver for controlling beam power

Pockels Cell

Exactly the same as the Fast Beam Modulator driver. The name is provided for convenience.

Motorized Half Wave Plate

A half wave plate actuated by a motor

Beam Router

A beam entangler uses a previously configured Fast Beam Modulator to entangle beams

All aforementioned devices