Thorlabs PFM450

The Thorlabs PFM450 is a piezo objective stage with a travel range of 450 microns and is controlled via analog signal.

ScanImage® Configuration


Basic Configuration

Control Channel

The Analog Output port which was connected to the Position Command Input of the controller.

Volts per micron

Assuming a linear control relationship, this is incriment in command voltage required to incriment the focus depth by 1 micron.

Volts Offset

The voltage at which ScanImage® coordinate system will define the depth as being 0 um.

Lower travel range [um]

The lowest (most negative) extent of the device’s travel.

Upper travel range [um]

This is highest (most positive) extent of the device’s travel.

Park position [um]

The position when not acquiring, i.e. when not acquiring or pointing.

Feedback Channel (optional)

The Analog Input port which was connected to the Position Feedback Output of the controller.


Advanced Configuration

Frame clock input

This is the Digital Input port which will receive the frame clock signal

Click Apply to apply the configuration to this device. It can now be used as a beam modulator for a ScanImage® scanner object.