Thorlabs PMT2100 v2

If you are experiencing connection issues or other errors with the other PMT 2100 implementation, give this implementation a try.

In addition to being tested for reliability in several ScanImage use cases, it also offers slider controls for gain and gain offset from its configuration window.

Hardware Config

Using a powered USB hub capable of delivering 500 mA @ 5V per PMT2100 to be connected, connect the Thorlabs PMT2000 to the computer via a USB-A to USB B mini cable.

Software Config

Install the NI-VISA driver.

Download and install the Thorlabs PMT software and ensure that the PMT is recognized by the Thorlabs software.

Close the Thorlabs PMT control software and add a new device to ScanImage by selecting PMT -> Thorlabs PMT2100 v2 Select the VISA address of the PMT, and select ‘Apply’.

Software Control

The PMT can be controlled via its widget in the ScanImage widget bar.

  • Clicking on the PMT icon turns the PMT on or off.

  • Clicking on the parameters next to the PMT icons allows to change the PMT gain, bandwidth and offset.